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Gate Company Provides Motorised Sliding and Swing Driveway Gates for Easy Garage Access

When considering motorised driveway gates for your property, there are more benefits than easy access to your home or garage. They are a practical way to add extra security to your property, improve the kerb appeal of your home, increase the property value, increase child and pet safety as well as add privacy to your section. At Prestige Gate Automation, we are experienced and skilled in the installation of a motorised sliding gate or motorised swing gate in the Brisbane area for homes and business.

Motorised Driveway Gates to Suit Your Style

Depending on the design and access you are after for your driveway you can choose either a swing or sliding option for your gate. The easy to install swing gate operates on electronic arms which are attached to the gateposts and along the back of the gate. It works via a remote system to swing the gates open and closed on its hinges.

Alternatively, the sliding gate is an ideal option if you are looking to save on space however it needs concrete footing so sometimes requires more work to install. The other advantage of this type of motorised gate from our company is the self-locking system. The sliding gates work by a motorised wheel running along wheel along a track. Access through the gates can be authorised by a remote control that can be kept in the car or from a keypad system set up at the gate.

We will even take the automatic process one step further with the motorisation of your garage door. An automatic gate and garage door accounts for an effortless arrival onto your property and gets you under shelter quickly on those rainy days. No need to get out of the car and get wet opening the gate yourself.

Locally Manufactured Gates

Whether you have a large or small gate, we can custom make one to your precise specifications. Our local workshop in Brisbane means that jobs can be delivered to your property in a timely fashion as opposed to having to order a gate from overseas. We use materials such as stainless steel, wrought iron, and aluminium to construct our gates depending on your preference for design, strength, and security.

Aluminium gates are an ideal option for the residential property in Brisbane as they are made to the highest standard with quality materials. The gates will withstand the harsh sun and hold up against the wind and rain, which makes them durable and weather-resistant meaning they are a low maintenance option for busy families. The decorative gate can be powder coated with a specific colour chosen or even have a timber look applied if you prefer.

As a company with over 60 years’ experience, we will offer professional recommendations for your gating needs, and we can manufacture, supply and install your product to a high standard. Our free consultation can help you narrow down an ideal gate solution that will suit your function, budget, and style.

Contact us today for a gate that opens automatically giving you straightforward access to your driveway, garage and home with ease.