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Get a Gate for Security: Automatic Electric Wrought Iron Gates from Prestige Gate Automation

Every home and business falls somewhere on the scales between security and aesthetics. While landscaping and construction certainly play major roles in the results, one area that can leave property owners scratching their heads on how best to develop the land is when it comes to fencing and electric iron gates.

To maximise the look and proper access of a facility or home, many homeowners and developers opt to invest in wrought iron electric gates and fences. Nevertheless, there are ways to do this effectively and aesthetically or to yield a result that conflicts with the appearance and feel of a home or other building.

Manage Access and Security With an Automatic Iron Gate

A common way to control access while still allowing in those who belong without much hassle is to opt for an automatic gate. This kind of gate usually operates with a sensor system. Employees in a facility may have an access card or barge that can be waved against a receiver to open the automatic gate. Homeowners may have a transmitter set in their car to trigger the gate to open.


Due to automatic gates being keyed to one specific method of access, it actively controls access against those who should not be able to get in. At all other times than use by authorised people, the electric gate will remain closed.

Simpler methods without as many sensors can still work. A keypad, for example, can serve to control access. While it’s more convenient in situations where an access card might get forgotten, it both requires employees to memorise a passcode at the same time as being a potential weakness in the system if someone else gets the code.

Customise your Wrought Iron Gate

Once you’ve determined that an electric gate is what you need, the next step is to determine what kind of iron gate is best for you. There are several varieties, with some schematics from Prestige Gate Automation available for view.


The primary divide is whether the wrought iron gate will be a single panel or dual panel. The single panel will take more time to open and will be less visually impressive. Since it requires only one motor, it also makes it less costly to install and maintain. It also makes it an ideal option for businesses taking a more utilitarian approach and families on a budget.


Dual panel gates instead use two motors to move two separate panels out of the way to allow access. In either case, single or dual panel, the secondary divide will be whether the gate will swing or slide. A swinging electric gate requires hinges and an area within to be unoccupied for safety and proper functioning. In places where space is not at a premium, a swinging wrought iron gate is an appropriate choice.

Sliding gates may require additional infrastructure to ensure that the gate remains on the proper track. Furthermore, depending on the rest of the fence or wall, there may need to be an area prepared for the gate to recess into properly.

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