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Prestige Gate Automation Is an Electric Gate Company Offering Gate Conversion and Service for Motors

There are many situations where someone would want to upgrade their gate from a manual to an automatic or electric gate. Whether you’re buying a new home with a fencing system already in place, or a business owner that now has the budget to manage site access better, or you’re responding to conditions changing near the property, opting for an electric gate conversion may be right for you.

Prestige Gate Automation is a company with experience installing electric gates and fencing. This experience easily translates into taking your already existing gate, correctly installing any necessary electric gate motors and additional modifications, and presenting you with a newly functioning electric gate.

What to Look for in an Electric Gate Company

There are several specific qualities that you want to look for in a company when considering a gate conversion. First, consider if they can work within your budget and will be straightforward about costs. Determine if they have qualified and reliable staff. Finally, determine if they will be able to help you when you need the company to service your electric motors.

Prestige Gate Automation satisfies each of those qualities, and then some. We take the time to ensure you know what you can expect from the very first by starting every serious enquiry with a sit-down consultation designed to determine your specific needs, how we’ll meet them, and then a budget and timeline that will guide the work. We can also take this time to provide you with our assessment on the style of gate that is right for you.

We are proud of our staff; we are a professional and friendly team that cares about getting the job done right. The care our staff put into the job becomes the care that you’ll experience from us as a company.

Service is also a strong point for Prestige Gate Automation. We are locally owned and operated, and we custom-build and manufacture our gates right in Brisbane. To show that we care about getting it right for you, we offer free consultations and professional recommendations for more than just gate conversion or service for motors.

Simplify the Search by Contacting Prestige Gate Automation

We know that while many of our customers have at least general ideas in mind for their gates and fencing needs, that is not the case for everyone. We are happy to meet you to discuss and assess your needs.

Even if what you’re looking for is very specific or unusual, Prestige Gate Automation will be able to customise a conversion solution specifically for you. Our staff will walk you through every step of the way, so contact us today to request a consultation and a quote.

Whether it’s installing a new fence and gate or converting an old one, Prestige Gate Automation is dedicated to helping Brisbane feel secure and in control. When it comes to fences, gates, balustrades, motors, or screens, you can count on Prestige Gate Automation to be the premier choice to complete the job right, just for you.