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The Premier Choice for Commercial Automatic Gates and Motor Installation in Brisbane

Commercial automatic gates can be a vital feature for the security of a range of industrial needs. Whether you own a warehouse, manage a business park, or even manage a large property, automatic commercial gates are a tried and true method for property safety that can help you. Yet, finding the right company to install your new gates or a commercial gate motor can be a challenge, and finding quality tradespeople who work in a timely fashion can feel impossible at times. Fortunately for you, Prestige Gate Automation are the top choice for all things commercial automatic gates in Brisbane and beyond and can help you customise and build the perfect gates or fences for you and your business. With over sixty years’ experience in the industry, we are the reliable, trusted choice for any Brisbane business.

Why Pick Prestige for Your Custom Automatic Commercial Gates?

While there are a variety of companies who can offer you choices for automatic gates or a commercial gate motor, we have been the trusted name here in Brisbane for years. We are keen on providing our clients something unique, and custom-made, always putting your needs first. Here are just a few reasons Australian companies choose us repeatedly.

Absolute Dependability: Firstly, we pride ourselves on being dependable and trustworthy. Always working on time and efficiently, we are professional from start to finish. We believe in providing the highest quality services to any customer who wants our products, working to give you the best experience every time.

Free Consultation: We offer free consultations and professional advice before starting on your project, giving you peace of mind that you are making an informed, smart decision before investing in an automatic gate or commercial gate motor. Always starting with a face to face chat, we get to know you and your needs before starting our projects. As such, there won’t be any hidden fees, and you’ll be in the know throughout the process.

Custom Options for You: Working with us, no two gates will be the same. We believe in offering our customers unique, customised options, that perfectly fit their property and needs. With a variety of options for shapes, colours, and makes, automatic commercial gates from us are entirely built with you in mind. Just ask what we can do for you!

The Top Quality Choice for Automatic Gates in Brisbane

Whether you need commercial automatic gates or other fencing and gate options here in Brisbane, we are the company you can trust. Our professional, friendly staff is always happy to help you out by offering suitable advice and answering any questions you may still want to ask us. Simply contact us whenever you need assistance, and we can walk you through anything you need. We are the trusted, reliable name for all things commercial fencing and gates in Brisbane and working with us you will find out why.