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Want a Motorised Security Gate or Electronic Automated Door Security? Find Electric and Automatic Security Solutions

Altering or upgrading your home often involves making an investment—an investment you want to protect. You want to improve your space and make it nicer, but how do you protect the security of your home once those beautiful upgrades are complete? We can assist. At Prestige Gate Automation, we offer you decades of experience, quality security products, and professional services. If you need an electric security gate or automated security doors, we can accommodate.

A Quality Electric Security Gate for Any Home

Investing in security equipment should be no different than any other improvement project in your home. You should receive value for your investment, high-standard products and services, and professional treatment that is respectful and conscious of your time. At Prestige Gate Automation, we put you first. We take your ideas and comments to heart when providing you with the motorised security gate your house deserves.

We know you have a unique style when it comes to the aesthetic of your property, and we want to honour that style. Our team members have a total of 60 years of experience between them and are more than qualified to create, build, and install your dream security gate today.

We like to allow our work to speak for itself. Interested in seeing what we can provide for your home? Our portfolio includes examples of attractive and secure gates for a range of households in need of security solutions.

We know that when it comes to fence, door, and gate installations, maintaining both security and property integrity takes a professional team with experience as well as respect for efficient work. We have the right tools and experience for any job, big or small.

What Can Automated Security Doors and Gates Do for My Home?

When planned out correctly, the installation of a security gate or door can benefit a home in several ways. At Prestige Gate Automation, we feel the more you know, the better your security choices. To begin, here are a few ways automatic security gates or electronic door security will add to your home.

  • Improved security - The main reason many homeowners choose to have an electric security gate is because of its powerful presence. This massive metal wall will add to any home’s security and provide protection as well as a visual deterrent.
  • It can add to property value – In addition to improving your family’s peace, making your home a more secure place adds to its value. If you are renovating a house to be sold or want to increase your house's appeal and set it apart from others in your area, a little extra protection goes a long way.
  • Adding to the style of your house - Your security gate or door can be installed to suit the style of your home. Adding a security gate or putting in new fences can update and enhance the look of your house.

Contact us today so we can provide the security you need in the style you want.