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Benefits of Automated Gates in Brisbane

Australia has set building codes to keep people, especially children, safe on balconies, decks, and other building platforms. Prestige Fencing & Gates can provide you with a balustrade in Brisbane Northside to ensure your property is compliant with regulations while still enhancing its visual appeal.

According to the Building Code of Australia you need a barrier that is at least 1 metre high if your balcony or deck is more than 1 metre off the ground. Children of all ages tend to try to fit their heads through the slats so no opening should be larger than 12.5 centimetres.

If the platform surface is more than 4 metres off the ground additional regulations are in place to prevent falls. The balustrade shouldn’t have horizontal or any horizontal components between 15 centimetres and 76 centimetres from the floor.

You also want to be aware of any décor such as plant pots or furnishings children can climb on which could cause them to fall over the barrier. Children should never be allowed to play on a balcony unsupervised, and doors should be locked so they can’t go out unnoticed. Child-proof gates can prevent access to stairs that lead to balconies and decks if the areas don’t have lockable doors.

If you need a balustrade in Brisbane Northside to keep your family safe contact Prestige Fencing & Gates. Our team can design you a secure barrier that meets regulations and attractively complements the architecture of your home or business.